BOXY started out as a water cooler musing, the daydream of my inner Anna Piaggi. “Wouldn’t it be fun to start my own magazine?” I pondered as the water quickly rose to the top of the small paper cup I had pulled from the dispenser. But it couldn’t be just any magazine: it had to be relatable, relevant, and revelatory. Before I made it back to my desk I was immersed in the full fantasy as visions of Bradshaw and Salinger danced in my head. BOXY was born.

Little did I know this momentary meditation would become a grand undertaking; they always say you have little understanding of what goes into something until you actually do it yourself, and I will attest to that truth. Writers, designers, foodies, and friends have poured their ideas and passion onto these pages – and though it goes without saying, without them BOXY would never have been actualized. We made it through the sleepless nights, the never ending edits and reshoots, and I can say I’ve never been more proud. Thank you all.

BOXY is about food and everything good that surrounds it. This issue is an exploration of hotness and the many roles heat plays in our lives – some more figurative than others. While New York is BOXY’s home, some of these stories took us across the globe looking for glimpses of heat in action.

We hope you enjoy The Hot Issue as much as we enjoyed cooking it up!