TWIST digital issue

TWIST digital issue

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BOXY’s latest bi-annual publication (100+ pages) is a serpentine of twists.  In TWIST, we applaud the unexpected that interrupts the status quo to celebrate surprises from food, people, and art.

  • Chef Dominique Ansel

  • Chef Ludo’s Favorite Soups

  • Tips from Chef Juan Pablo Loza

  • Tips from Chef Michael Ferraro

  • Chadwick Boyd’s Southern Favorites

  • XXL pretzels

  • 24 Hours Like A Local

  • Opposites Attract: Magical flavor Combinations

  • The New Shape of Pasta

  • Jonathan Nosan’s Contorture Chamber

  • Childhood Memories Made Vegan

  • GI Yoga

  • World’s Tastiest Food?

  • Food For Men

  • Check Please! The Oblivious Blind Date

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